グロービスMBA 志セミナー: “Life Stories of Finding Dream Jobs”(オンライン)

2022年7月19日(火) 5:00 PM - 6:45 PM (Pacific Daylight Time)


本セミナーでは、投資銀行出身のAyako L.氏と元NBAのプロバスケットボール選手のIvan Robb氏を招き、彼らの志がどのように人生を切り開いたのかを聞きます。


  • 夢の仕事をどのように見つけたのか?
  • 人生でのターニングポイントは何だったのか?
  • 教育、コーチング、セレンディピティがキャリアの変化にどのような役割を果たしたか?


  • 夢の仕事を見つけたい、実現したい方
  • 仕事の意義を見つけたい方
  • 志を見つけ、意義のある人生を送りたい方



本セミナーは Plug and Play Tech Centerにて開催します。



Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Time: 5:00 PM - 6:45 PM (Pacific Daylight Time)
Where: オンライン
Registration Fee: Free of charge
Language: English


4:30 PM (PDT) レセプション開始
5:00 PM (PDT) GLOBIS USAのご紹介
5:10 PM (PDT) パネルディスカッション
5:50 PM (PDT) Q&A
6:05 PM (PDT) まとめ
6:15 PM (PDT) 参加者同士の懇親
6:45 PM (PDT) イベント終了

Ayako Lainez (Panelist)

Ayako Lainez is an educator and equestrian enthusiast who is a “Third Culture Kid” (or Kikoku-shijo) that spent her youth in the US and Japan. Following her graduation from International Christian University in Tokyo, she worked for the Tokyo branch of an American investment bank. All the while, she was exploring her skills and where best they might fit and found an opportunity to be an interpreter for guests at the national competition for riders with a disability.

She has since then been a journalist reporting on Para-equestrian sport and equine-assisted activities. In addition, she has volunteered and worked for several non-profit organizations. Later, Ayako moved to the US once again to study business and marketing and also completed her certification as a therapeutic riding instructor.

Seeking a career in coaching and teaching people with disabilities, she completed a Master’s degree and teaching credential program in California. She has taught in K-12 public schools and also has been a school counselor/administrative staff member for a private high school. Most recently she has transitioned to working as a post-secondary counselor and is advising students and families on the college admissions process. She also helps families through the complex special education process as an advocate. Her favorite saying is, “There is no DIS in ability,” and she enjoys helping people to share their unique stories.

Ivan Rabb (Panelist)

Entrepreneur | Innovator | Brand Ambassador

“I will make a difference in the lives of many young athletes by being a transparent role model, an outlet for anyone seeking guidance, and someone who encourages each young athlete that I come across. My purpose is to help each student-athlete plan and reach their highest potential as a person and become phenomenal athletically.”

A championship competitor with more than a decade of experience, Ivan Rabb hails from Oakland, California where he played four years of varsity basketball for Bishop O’Dowd High School and led the team to win the Open Division California State Championship in 2015.

Selected to play for USA Basketball in the U16 Fiba America Game, as well as the U17 World Championship, Rabb again led the teams to victory earning gold medals both years for Team USA.

A scholarship recipient to the University of California at Berkeley, during his freshman year, Ivan was selected Second Team All Pac 12, and First Team All Pac 12 during his sophomore year. Throughout his career at UC Berkeley, he led the team in setting the record for most home games won at Haas Pavilion. Today, thanks in large part to Rabb’s leadership on and off the court, the all-time school record still stands at 27 consecutive wins.

In 2017, Ivan entered the NBA Draft where he was selected 35th overall to the Orlando Magic and later traded to the Memphis Grizzlies. All told, Rabb played professional basketball for a total of four years – two seasons for the Memphis Grizzlies, one season for the New York Knicks and one season for the Delaware Blue Coats.

Currently, Ivan has founded and launched Prosperity Rising LLC based out of Oakland California and will continue to push the envelope as an educator.


Tomoya Nakamura faculty

Tomoya Nakamura (Moderator)


Mr. Tomoya Nakamura serves as President of GLOBIS USA, Inc.

He started his professional career at Marubeni Corporation, reorganized an investment company at Advantage Partners, and was the Senior Managing Director of Sun-Life Corporation (TSE 7040). At Sun-Life he introduced a progressive ESOP for more than 250 employees including part-time workers.

He served as Dean of the English MBA Programs at GLOBIS University while also starting the GLOBIS global training business and continues to serve as the main facilitator for various corporate clients. He primarily lectures on leadership, kokorozashi, and globalization.

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