Transform Yourself with the Pre-MBA

Our Pre-MBA essentials program offers practical business courses delivered by GLOBIS University experts over a 12-week period. 93% of Full-time MBA students start with the Pre-MBA.

  • Learn business administration fundamentals in strategy, marketing, leadership, finance, and more
  • Analyze corporate issues from real-life business cases and discuss solutions in an interactive learning environment
  • Certificates awarded after each course following successful completion

Why Choose GLOBIS’s Pre-MBA Program?

Get ready for your MBA with GLOBIS’s holistic, immersive Pre-MBA program. Take the first steps to transform your future with our purpose-driven Pre-MBA classes, and get the foundations you need to achieve your goals.

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For Busy Professionals

Up your business skills in 18 hours over 3 months. Ideal for busy professionals, with 3-hour sessions held every other week.

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100% Live Teaching

Flexible for today's lifestyle, join our Pre-MBA classes online live and interact with students and teachers alike.

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Highly Interactive

Interact and collaborate with fellow professionals and engage with various executive lecturers

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Quality Guarantee

Full refund available if the learning experience doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Pre-MBA Program Overview

Start Date January, April, July, October
Length 12 weeks per course
Formats Online
Certification Awarded upon completion
Credits Pre-MBA credits can be transferred to our MBA programs
Tuition 128,000 JPY (800 EURO Approx.) per course unless otherwise specified
*Course fees paid for the Pre-MBA will be deducted from the MBA tuition when proceeding to the MBA Program.
Enrollment Fee 23,000 JPY (145 EURO Approx) *Only for the first term.
Scholarship Two types of scholarships available:
Young Leaders Scholarship
Pre-MBA Scholarship

Pre-MBA Curriculum

The GLOBIS Pre-MBA program covers every aspect of business fundamentals over a 3-month period. Gain the practical knowledge and insight you need to upskill quickly, or before embarking on an MBA. Develop your skills in business analytics, finance and accounting, critical thinking, marketing essentials, and more. Start with just one course, or choose up to 8. After 12 weeks, you’ll have the fundamental skills needed for the next stage of your journey.

Essentials of Finance
Essentials of Accounting
Essentials of Marketing and Strategy
Critical Thinking
Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Daisuke Washizu
Guillaume Gerondeau
Kentaro Muto
Sven Van Stichel
Alex Scharf
Yu Kan
Paul Dupuis
From July 13
From July 13
From July 17
From July 18
From July 20
From July 20
From July 20
128,000 JPY (800 EURO Approx.)
128,000 JPY (800 EURO Approx.)
128,000 JPY (800 EURO Approx.)
128,000 JPY (800 EURO Approx.)
128,000 JPY (800 EURO Approx.)
128,000 JPY (800 EURO Approx.)
128,000 JPY (800 EURO Approx.)

Who Is The Pre-MBA For?

The Pre-MBA program is designed for professionals who are planning to study for an MBA in the future, who would like to improve their business fundamentals and experience classes beforehand. Not every Pre-MBA student needs to do an MBA in the future though; some of our students simply want to learn practical business skills that they can apply immediately in their work.

GLOBIS’s Pre-MBA program is suitable for busy professionals who need to work alongside their studies. Our Pre-MBA terms start in January, April, July and October, so you can begin your journey quickly and start transforming your future.

Eligibility Requirements

  • University degree (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent)
  • 1 year of full-time work experience
  • Fluent in English
  • Essay of at least 200 words on ‘Why do you wish to apply to the Pre-MBA?’

If you don’t meet these requirements, but would still like to apply, please enquire directly. Find out more about applying for the Pre-MBA.

Pre-MBA Fees and Scholarships

Scholarships are available for applicants to the Pre-MBA program. We offer two types of scholarships that exempt students from the enrollment fee - the Young Leaders Scholarship and the Pre-MBA Scholarship.

To qualify for a scholarship, candidates need to:

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Thinking Ahead

Display a clear desire to enter a GLOBIS MBA program in the future

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Prove that your Pre-MBA course(s) will be paid by yourself (not corporate-sponsored)

Enrollment Fee
23,000 JPY
This will be paid for your first term only.
128,000 JPY per course, unless otherwise stated.
Tuition is to be paid 2 weeks after completing your course registration.
Total Fees Over One Year
151,000 JPY
Payments may be made via credit card or bank transfer.

Preparing You For Your MBA

A Pre-MBA will help you prepare for our Full-time MBA program in the future. It’s a fantastic opportunity to boost your business knowledge, expand your network, and strengthen your resume in just 12 weeks.

Our Pre-MBA essentials classes can reduce your future MBA workload, as you’ll have already covered key business fundamentals. Any credits gained from Pre-Masters classes can be transferred to your MBA within a 5-year period. Any tuition paid for Pre-MBA courses is fully deductible from your future MBA tuition fees too. Get ready to transform your future and upgrade your career.

Holistic Learning Style

Our Pre-MBA courses are delivered via a unique, holistic learning style. You’ll find the Japanese concept of kokorozashi at the heart of every module. Kokorozashi roughly translates as your sense of purpose – the driving force or motivation that fuels your decisions. Throughout the Pre-MBA, you’ll be encouraged to unlock yours, and start gaining the skills to help others discover theirs too – something all good leaders can do.

The GLOBIS Pre-MBA is about so much more than being lectured to. Our MBA preparation classes are interactive, energetic and inspiring, with lively, collaborative discussions. Our Pre-MBA tutors will inspire you to find your own solutions to deepen your learning, as you prepare for your MBA.

Online Pre-MBA July Term 2024

Essentials of Finance
Starts Jul. 13

Critical ThinkingThis course is intended for those who want to acquire strategic planning skills, and various methods of analysis and develop their managerial decision-making skills. This course is beneficial for those currently in a position to plan strategies based on the company’s strategy, wishing to familiarize themselves with business strategy, or are entrepreneurs who will have to develop strategy.

Saturday (every two weeks)
06:00 - 09:00 CET
128,000 JPY (808 EURO Approx.)
Starts Jul. 13

This course is intended for those students who are interested in learning about the basics of financial and managerial accounting, or those who are have fragmentary knowledge of accounting and are hoping to build on it.

Monday (every two weeks)
11:00 - 14:00 CET
128,000 JPY (808 EURO Approx.)
Essentials of Accounting
Starts Jul. 17

In this course, “Organizational Behavior and Leadership” is defined as the “approach” an individual person (often a leader) takes to lead members toward organizational goals that are aligned with corporate strategy. The purpose of this course is to help students develop the leadership skills they need to be more effective in the practical business world.

Wednesday (every two weeks)
11:00 - 14:00 CET
128,000 JPY (808 EURO Approx.)
Essentials of Marketing and Strategy
Starts Jul. 18

In this course, students will learn to perform critical evaluations with fewer preconceptions and identify new ways of solving problems.

Thursday (every two weeks)
11:00 - 14:00 CET
128,000 JPY (808 EURO Approx.)
Critical Thinking
Starts Jul. 20

students discussingIn this course students will:
– Develop an overall understanding of finance
– Be enabled to describe the role of finance in corporate management in their own words
– Develop the ability to independently conduct basic financial analysis in business fields

Saturday (every two weeks)
06:00 - 09:00 CET
128,000 JPY (808 EURO Approx.)
Starts Jul. 20

Class sceneIn this course students will develop an understanding of fundamental marketing and strategy frameworks and methodologies. Through short case studies covering a diverse range of businesses, students will enhance their ability to analyze, solve problems and make decisions about marketing and strategy from the perspective of top management.

Saturday (every two weeks)
06:00 - 09:00 CET
128,000 JPY (808 EURO Approx.)
Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Starts Jul. 20


What is a Pre-MBA?

A Pre-MBA or Pre-Masters in Business Administration is many people’s first step before they embark on a full or Part-time MBA. Our Pre-MBA program allows you to take actual MBA courses in advance, with these credits transferable to the MBA in the future. These advance modules are viewed as MBA preparation classes by many professionals, and are a great introduction to your time studying with GLOBIS.

How much does the Pre-MBA cost?

Each of our Pre-MBA courses costs 128,000 JPY (approximately 800 EUR). This cost is deductible from your future MBA tuition fees if you go on to study for a Master of Business Administration with GLOBIS University.

What are the benefits of studying for a Pre-MBA?

There are many benefits to taking Pre-MBA classes before embarking on an MBA, including:

  • Gain valuable business fundamentals knowledge
  • Experience MBA classes first-hand before deciding to enrol
  • Choose a start date that suits your schedule
  • Reduce your future MBA workload
  • Earn credits that can be transferred to your future MBA
  • Gain practical skills that can be applied to your work immediately
  • Find your kokorozashi – the driving force behind your ambition
  • Pre-MBA fees are deducted from your total MBA tuition costs, reducing the financial burden
  • Earn a certificate for each Pre-MBA essentials course completed
  • Boost your international network
  • Strengthen your resume
How many Pre-MBA courses can I take?

Students can take up to eight Pre-MBA courses, which is equivalent to 12 credits. These credits can be transferred to the Full-time or Online MBA programs, as long as you enrol within 5 years of completing the Pre-MBA.

How are the Pre-MBA modules delivered?

You can take Pre-MBA classes online from your own home, connecting with tutors and fellow learners live via virtual video conferencing software. Pre-Masters classes are also available at the GLOBIS University campus in Tokyo, Japan. In-person MBA preparation classes are ideal for students who have moved to Japan for their studies and want to get a feel for the MBA before term begins.

How are Pre-MBA classes different to Full-time MBA classes?

There’s no difference between the classes on our Pre-MBA program and our Full-time MBA. The Pre-MBA classes are actually the same as MBA classes, they just focus on business fundamental subjects, rather than more specialized elective modules.

What language is the Pre-MBA delivered in?

Our Pre-Masters classes are delivered in English, so applicants do need to be proficient in the language. Even if you choose to study for your Pre-MBA at our Tokyo campus, classes will be held in English. Knowing a little Japanese will help you immerse yourself in the wider culture, but it’s not required for the Pre-MBA.

What time of day do classes take place?

Classes take place on weekday evenings from 7pm to 10pm (JST). Classes also take place on Saturdays and Sundays at various times. Please note that class hours may differ depending on the timezone.

Is there any study time required outside of Pre-MBA classes?

There is some study time required outside of Pre-MBA classes, but the program is designed to fit alongside full-time work. Classes are held every other week, and around 5-8 hours of preparation time will be required for each session.

You can choose just one or two courses to begin with to get used to the workload, before adding extra MBA preparation classes to your timetable.

How is the Pre-MBA assessed?

There are no exams at the end of our Pre-MBA courses. Instead, you’ll be assessed on your attendance and participation in classes. You may also need to submit a report to demonstrate what you’ve learnt. Upon successful completion of Pre-MBA classes, you’ll be awarded credits, which can be transferred to your Full-time MBA in the future.

What are the next steps after completing the Pre-MBA?

After completing the Pre-MBA, you can choose to continue your studies via our Full-time MBA in Tokyo, or with an online Part-time MBA, from wherever you are in the world. Take the skills you’ve learnt to the next level and continue to unlock your kokorozashi.

Alternatively, return to your job and apply the knowledge you’ve learnt during the Pre-MBA program to your work, and watch your career soar.

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