Study in Tokyo and Transform Your Future

Pursue a Full-time MBA in Japan with GLOBIS’s accelerated one-year program. Taught entirely in English in the heart of Tokyo, earning our Master of Business Administration will empower you to develop your skills, future career opportunities, and international perspective.

The GLOBIS Advantage

Our holistic Full-time MBA curriculum combines purpose-driven courses with hands-on, immersive learning that allows every student to experience the challenges and triumphs of leadership, building the foundation you need to enhance your life and career.

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Practical for Today’s Leaders

There are no one-sided lectures at GLOBIS. Participate in interactive case study discussions and embody the role of CEO or manager as you develop your critical thinking and decision-making skills.

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Courses Focused on Startups and Technology

Learn how to create your own business from scratch and familiarize yourself with emerging, innovative technologies through our groundbreaking MBA curriculum.

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Gateway to the World

Studying in Japan is your gateway to the rest of the world. Tap into our vast business network and connect with professionals from over 68 countries, from diverse industries and backgrounds.

Program Overview

Start Date September 2024
Length 12 months
Location Tokyo, Japan
Class Schedule Weekdays, daytime
Class Size Maximum 35 students
Tuition 4,070,000 JPY (Approx. 28,500 EUR)

Full-time MBA Curriculum

During your one-year MBA study in Tokyo, you’ll be required to work towards completing core modules in subjects covering business fundamentals. You’ll have the opportunity to choose elective classes, allowing you to specialize and find your kokorozashi. This is one of the most varied MBA programs Japan has to offer, covering everything from accounting and finance to marketing and strategy, and even venture capital management.

To graduate, you’ll need to earn 48 credits in total, which equates to taking 32-34 individual modules.

Required Modules

  • Accounting I (Financial Accounting)
  • Essentials of Accounting
  • Finance I (Corporate Finance)
  • Essentials of Finance
  • Accounting II (Managerial Accounting)
  • Leadership Development, Ethics and Values
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Essentials of Marketing and Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Operation Strategy
  • Strategy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behaviour and Leadership

Required Elective Modules

  • Business Analytics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Technovate Thinking

Elective Modules

  • Finance II (Valuation and M&A)
  • Finance III (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Business Presentation
  • Facilitation and Negotiation
  • Corporate Philosophy and Social Values
  • Keiei Dojo (Developing ‘Human Skills’)
  • Customer Journey and Branding
  • Service Management
  • Power and Influence
  • Data Science for Business
  • Design Thinking and User Experience
  • Technovate Strategy
  • Venture Business Planning
  • Venture Management
  • Venture Capital and Finance
  • Business Transformation Through Innovation
  • Financial Reorganization
  • Strategic Reorganization
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Globalization of Japanese and Asian Companies
  • Global Perspectives
  • Japanese Management: New Systems, Lasting Values
  • Asian Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Business Expansion Project
  • CEIBS Visit Program
  • Integrated Learning Program – Internship
  • Research & Startup Project (G-INCUBATE)
  • CBS Visit Program
  • Corporate Mentorship Program
  • Japan MBA Experience (JMEx)
  • Social Venture Management
  • Creative Leadership
  • Digital Biotech and Healthcare Innovation
  • Emotion-Driven Innovation
  • Innovation Through Virtual Teams
  • Moonshot Transformation
  • Technovate for Future Enterprise
  • Cybersecurity for Business
  • Digital Marketing Psychology
  • Entrepreneurship Without Borders
  • Leading Big Data Strategy
  • Robotics and AI Business Innovation

Who Is Our Full-time MBA Course For?

Find your focus, learn world-class leadership skills, build your international network, and drive your career forwards with our Full-time MBA. If you’ve always wanted to study in Japan, this is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, while earning a prestigious qualification, opening up a new world of career opportunities.

Applicants to our in-person MBA course come from diverse backgrounds across the services, finance, IT and consulting sectors, to name just a few. We believe everyone can benefit from studying in Japan – it’s a rewarding, transformative experience that will empower you to achieve your goals.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. At least 22 years of age
  2. Minimum 2 years of professional working experience
  3. Proficiency in English
  4. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree

See the full requirements and deadlines in our comprehensive Admissions Guide.

Holistic MBA Learning Style

When you’re accepted into our Full-time MBA program, expect to find a unique learning style designed to help you fulfill your kokorozashi.

Your kokorozashi is your personal mission. A unique goal that fuels your motivation, ambition, and willpower – it’s the driving force that propels you forward, gives you purpose, and brings meaning to your life. Studying with GLOBIS will help you empower others to find their kokorozashi too, an important skill for successful leaders to master.

The lessons you’ll learn while studying in Japan will extend beyond the classroom, enhancing your personal relationships and the way you approach other decisions in your future.

Our classes are highly interactive. A typical class will require the analysis of a case study in advance, followed by group work, student presentations, and in-class discussions. You won’t be sitting back listening to lectures every day; instead, our lecturers will encourage you and your fellow students to find your own solutions to deepen your understanding of each learning point.

Fees and Scholarships

GLOBIS scholarships can cover up to 50% of tuition and are available to MBA students who demonstrate the potential to contribute to the GLOBIS community through strong academic performance and exceptional leadership qualities.

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GLOBIS Scholarship

Up to 50% of tuition covered

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Exclusive Loan Scheme

Preferential interest rates and flexible loan repayment terms

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Monthly JASSO Stipend

Approx. 48,000 JPY/month living expenses stipend over the course of six months

Enrollment Fee
225,000 JPY
To be paid within one month after confirming enrollment
3,845,000 JPY
To be paid in early August
Total Fees Over One Year
4,070,000 JPY

Career Support

When your time studying for your MBA in Japan is over, our career office will support you with your next steps. We have an outstanding track record of helping students embark on exciting global careers after graduation.

Leverage our partnerships with 140+ corporate partners and expand your network by joining thousands of GLOBIS graduates from over 66 countries.

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100% Internship Placement
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81% Employed within 3 Months
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140+ Corporate Partners

Full-time MBA FAQs

What language will the Full-time MBA be delivered in?

Our Full-time MBA is a brilliant opportunity to study for an MBA in Japan in English, without needing to learn Japanese. However, it may help to know some Japanese to immerse yourself fully in the culture while you’re studying in Japan. Knowing a little of the language may also improve your future global career opportunities.

Do you welcome students from anywhere in the world?

Our Full-time MBA in Asia is primarily aimed at people in EMEA and the UK who want to study in Japan. Perhaps you’ve always felt an affinity with the country, or simply want to expand your global network; whatever your situation and wherever you’re from, we’d love to welcome you to study in Tokyo.

How do I know if this is the right course for me?

Firstly, you should be prepared to study in Japan, full-time for an academic year. Make sure our MBA course aligns with your learning style and goals – we favor an experiential, holistic approach, and we’ll support you to drive your career forward, and gain leadership skills for future success.

Our Full-time MBA is an accelerated 12-month course, and is designed to propel you to the next stage of your career, fast. Make sure you’re familiar with our curriculum and eligibility requirements before applying.

What are the benefits of studying for an MBA in Japan?

There are many benefits to studying in Japan for your MBA with GLOBIS University. These include:

  • A quick, accelerated course to upgrade your business knowledge fast
  • Gain practical knowledge and insight into how real-world businesses operate
  • Learn every aspect of how to successfully lead a global business, from accounting to operational strategy to human resource management
  • Better understand the global network
  • Realize your potential
  • Find your kokorozashi
  • Improve your future career prospects
  • Expand your international network
  • Improve your soft skills – you’ll have so much opportunity to do this when studying in Japan
What are the objectives of the Full-time MBA?

The overall objective of the Full-time MBA is to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to become an effective, purpose-driven leader, by combining practicality with purpose. Studying in Japan will also help you to find your kokorozashi – the driving purpose that fuels your passion.

In addition, studying for an MBA in Japan as an international student will provide you with  an opportunity to expand your global network and understanding – priceless skills for leading a successful international business.

How many students are in each MBA class?

We keep our MBA class sizes small, with 20-30 students per class on average. This means the lecturer is able to interact with each individual student, and everyone has the opportunity to ask questions.

How long does the Full-time MBA take to complete?

It takes a full academic year to complete the Full-time MBA. The academic year runs from September to August, with a winter break in December/January.

How much study time will be required outside of the classroom?

As the Full-time MBA is an accelerated program, the workload is quite intense. You can expect to spend most of your time studying, but there will be opportunities to relax and socialize, especially in the second half of the program. You can reduce the workload by taking some courses in advance through the Pre-MBA.

Will I be able to work alongside completing the Full-time MBA?

You can work 28 hours a week under a student visa. However, as the Full-time MBA is very intense, particularly at the start, it will be difficult to find time for a part-time job. You will have a little more time available during the second half of your MBA, and GLOBIS may offer paid work opportunities through our corporate partners. In addition, some internships are paid, which could provide you with a source of income during the latter part of your studies. We recommend that you come to Japan fully prepared to cover your living expenses without working, as it is not guaranteed.

How is the Full-time MBA assessed?

To graduate from the program, students need to earn a total of 48 credits, which equates to completing 32-34 courses. Learning is assessed holistically by attendance in class and through in-class evaluations. Students may also need to submit a report to pass certain courses.

Does the Full-time MBA program involve an internship?

Placement-based internships are an optional part of the course, and can be chosen as an elective module. Internships are an enriching addition to studying in Japan, and we encourage students to take part if they’re able to.

These internships are a fantastic opportunity to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt during your MBA at one of our prestigious partner companies, and expand your network further.

Internships typically take place between June and August, towards the end of your program.

What visa will I need to study in Japan?

You’ll need a Japan Student Visa to be able to study in Tokyo for a full academic year. Our Student Services team can advise you on the visa application process once you’ve been accepted into the program.

I won’t be able to study in Japan. What other options do I have?

To complete the Full-time MBA, you will need to attend in-person classes in Tokyo. Some classes in business fundamentals can be taken online via the pre-MBA class schedule, but you will still be required to physically attend classes in Japan to graduate from the Full-time MBA.

If you’re unable to study in Japan but still want to benefit from GLOBIS’s unique approach and world-class expertise, our online MBA may be a more suitable option. This is a two-year, part-time, virtual course that can be taken anywhere around the world.

What’s the difference between the Full-time MBA and the Online MBA?

The Full-time MBA is a one-year, accelerated MBA course that is conducted in person, at the GLOBIS University campus in Tokyo.

The Online MBA takes place over two years. It’s a part-time course that can be completed alongside other commitments, allowing for a little extra flexibility. Classes take place via video conferencing software, enabling you to connect live with other students across the world.

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