GLOBIS Presidents Seminar

GLOBIS President and Founder Yoshito Hori Holds Seminars in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf

, GLOBIS Europe News  |  June 23, 2023

President and founder of GLOBIS, Yoshito Hori, conducted two exclusive seminars during his visit to Europe from June 21-23, 2023, focusing on the pivotal role of technology and its revolutionary impact on business education. The seminars, held in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf, were attended by over 110 participants.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, understanding the evolving role of technology in the future of business education is crucial. The rise of technologies such as Chat GPT emphasizes the necessity of adapting and innovative thinking.

The Amsterdam event, hosted at the Hilton, attracted an international audience and was joined by alumni, business professionals and partners. The session concluded with a garden mingling event, featuring a speech by Paolo Pavesio, Marketing and Motorsport Management Committee member at Yamaha Motor Europe.

In Dusseldorf,  the event was similarly attended by a mixed audience, concluding with a networking opportunity. During this session, Anne Pomsel from DJW, the Japanese-German Business Association, delivered a kanpai (toast) speech.

As we grow in the EMEA region, GLOBIS Europe will continue to highlight important topics and deliver seminars to empower professionals and organizations at all levels to enrich their careers.

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