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GLOBIS Explores New Opportunities in the Middle East

, GLOBIS Europe News  |  March 8, 2024

GLOBIS Europe is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of visits to Oman and Saudi Arabia in March, underscoring our steadfast commitment to fostering educational and business partnerships in these regions.

In Oman, we had the honor of meeting with His Excellency Dr. Ali Qassim Jawad, President of the Royal Academy of Management. Our discussions centered on formulating educational strategies aimed at nurturing Oman’s future leaders and exploring potential avenues for collaboration.

Our visit to Saudi Arabia included engaging in productive discussions with key stakeholders, such as the Saudi Telecom Company and Dr. Eiman Al Mutairi, Vice Minister of Commerce. These conversations focused on driving innovation and strengthening collaborations, reflecting our dedication to contributing to the region’s growth and development.

We further strengthened our longstanding relationships through fruitful sessions at the Embassy of Japan and with Mitsui Bussan. A highlight of the visit was our exploration of NEOM, a pioneering project showcasing the nation’s rapid development and its capacity to attract global talent.

These engagements in Oman and Saudi Arabia have solidified GLOBIS Europe’s commitment to expanding partnerships and have amplified our enthusiasm for deepening our involvement in the Middle East. We look forward to continuing these efforts, advancing our mission to cultivate global business leadership in this pivotal region.

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